Voicu & Ionita Architects

Project: Brasov Central Square

Brasov City Square 1

Project Urban square
Typology Public space
Location Brasov, Ro
Year 2022  
Size 14630 m2
Type Competition
Status 4th Prize (Honourable Mention)
Design Team Narcisa Ionita, Laura Tiron, Vlad Voicu, Cosmin Gandore

The ‘fortress’ is an important part of Brasov and a reflection of its identity and cultural heritage. The charm of the old center square comes from this multitude of spaces with different qualities: some you discover along the way through some hidden passages, some are visible from a far distance, some are noisy and vibrant, some are intimate and calm. Therefore, the project acts at the intersection of different surroundings, different realities.

It borders the intimate Honterus courtyard, the active Republicii Pedestrian Street, the ‘secret’ George Enescu square that is accessed through a passage, the busy Muresenilor street, three museums, and commercial spaces. The purpose of the square is not only to mediate these different spaces but also to sow and articulate new possibilities.

Brasov City Square 2

The jury appreciates the sustainable approach of the project, by reusing the current topography of the space and certain defining elements of the project from the 1980s. The project highlights a careful qualitative analysis of the existing components, removing the less functional parts and improving those with latent potential. The authors recognize the established landmark status that the artesian well has acquired over time, and the principle of its redevelopment emphasizes its valence as a pole of socialization. The solution shows maturity in accepting the city’s recent history, finding a way to work with this existing resource through adaptation rather than replacement.

the Jury’s remarks

Brasov City Square 3
Brasov City Square 4
Brasov City Square 5