Voicu & Ionita Architects

Project: AV Residential

AV Residential 1

Project Residential Building
Typology Mixed-use (Residential, Office)
Location Ploiesti, Ro
Year 2021  
Size 1800 m2
Type Commission
Status In Progress
Collaborators Archetype SRL
Design Team Vlad Voicu, Narcisa Ionita, Alexandru Bondrea

Considering the unique shape of the site and having to position the building ‘deep’ into the urban fabric, the volume is carefully sculpted in order to minimize the shadow casted on the neighbours as much as possible. The building gradually steps up from 2 levels towards the street to 6 levels at its maximum.

The ground floor is permeable and helps separate the entrances of the commercial / office area in front from the residential area in the back. The apartments are bright with large, sunny terraces or balconies. Material wise, the project uses brick and dark metal. Two shades of bricks are used to differentiate the base/plinth register.

AV Residential 2