Voicu & Ionita Architects


Cover image for the about page. Model of the Petrolul Football Academy project.

Voicu & Ionita Architects is a Bucharest, Ploiesti and Copenhagen – based architecture and urban planning office established by Vlad Voicu and Narcisa Ionita.

Our vision comes from a strong belief that the best ideas come through teamwork – we are an enthusiastic, passionate and energetic group of architects.

Our design approach is based on thorough studies – developing architectural and urban projects, revitalizing existing spaces, promoting social interaction and bringing value to the community.

Looking forward to changing our surroundings together!


2022          Quality in Architecture Award at 2022 Architects Gala – Seniors and Juniors in Architecture
2022          3rd Prize at „Buna Ziua Park – Cluj Napoca” Design Competition, RO
2022          4th Prize (Honourable Mention) at „Piața Sfatului – Brașov Central Square” International Design Competition, RO
2021          3rd Prize at „Kiosk Design – Bucharest, Sector 6” Design Competition, RO
2020          Nomination at OM Architecture Annual 2020 for „Dap’Almar Cafe”, RO
2019          1st Prize at Argeș-Prahova Architecture Annual 2019 for „Copenhagen Campus”, RO
2019          Nomination at Argeș-Prahova Architecture Annual 2019 for „Petrolul Ploiesti Football Academy”, RO
2017          Featured by The Institute | DIPLOMA Festival – Top 20 Best Architecture Diplomas Exhibition
2016          Finalists at Training – Non/A International Competition with „Reach Higher” Project